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Our philosophy

The vision of the future wine through a bunch of grapes.

Look at that block of stone,
think about the image:
the image is inside
you just need to undress it.
(Michelangelo Buonarroti)

Time is in a hurry; you must take it otherwise it goes away.
To our wine, on the contrary, we dedicate all the time it takes
to get far, over the years and in the aims.

Through my wines I tell stories, every wine in my mind is a story. Certain wines express great love for my children and others represent what I feel for my wife, but in all there is the magnificent memory of my beloved parents, in all of this there is always my territory, my Puglia, my life.
All of this has always been inside of me and never shared with others. Now I have decided to do it.

Giuseppe Colopi, Mandwinery Oenologist