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The territory

Mandwinery puglia

Wine and Territory

The only way to go to make Italian wine grow in value is that of local wines.
These are bearers of positive elements such as tradition, stylistic coherence, link with a specific place, sensorial excellence and sustainability.

Viticulture in Puglia dates back to 2000 BC,
even before the Phoenician civilisation.

First winemakers in Italy

Italy and wine, a love story characterised by ancient roots. Before Rome, Greece was the cradle of the first winemakers: and even before Greece, Phoenicians and Illyrians had been cultivating and trading wine for some time, and at the time Puglia was a fertile region and therefore suitable for vine cultivation.

Our 35-hectare farm in the Ofanto Valley

Nero di Troia

Uva di Troia is the native grape variety of our area. We are not yet able to understand how it came to us, it was certainly brought by the Greeks during the colonisation of our land, in the time when it was called Magna Grecia. Its origin is only a hypothesis and what I most would have liked to be true is the myth of Diomedes, a great Greek warrior and hero, who after the Trojan War, it is said to have sailed to the Adriatic Sea and had brought with him, as a keepsake, some vine shoots that planted on the banks of the Ofanto River, gave rise to the Uva di Troia variety.

A territory naturally suited to the cultivation of vines